New Japanese Tea Room at Tenshinkan

There will be a Japanese Tea Room built at Tenshinkan Dojo (Chicago, IL) to be used teachingtraditional Japanese arts such as Tea Ceremony, Ikebana (flower arranging), and Meditation.

The Tea Room will showcase the Nakashima Collection of antique pots and ceramic items for Tea Ceremony and holder for Ikebana.

This will be the only place in the Midwest with a dedicated Tea Room available to the public. Students at the Japanese Culture Center will be able to practice Tea Ceremony in an appropriate and beautiful setting.

Sensei Jim Grodzins has designed the elegant and simplistic Tea Room, drawing on his experiences in Japan. The design features tatami mats, maple trim, sliding shoji doors, and calligraphy decorations. Sensei Grodzins has personally laid the flooring and selected the trim.

Fundraising is needed to complete the Tea Room. Please donate to AIF, using the Donate button.

The next fundraising activity is a party at Lagunitas Brewery in Chicago. Purchase tickets here.